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A Sale Advisor, Four-Time Author, Speaker, And Lead Coach At WarrenBDC

I started my business career in advertising agencies. Working with large regional, national and international clients. Spending 2 decades as an Account Manager, Account Director and Strategist for Hayhurst Advertising, SMW Advertising, Saffer Advertising, DMBB and a Specialty Marketing Firm The Russo Group.

The next phase, also a couple of decades +, was spent starting and running my own marketing services agency SOHO Marketing Inc. Where I provided Marketing Strategy and Creative Development for mostly Small and Medium sized businesses. This was the beginning of my education in working with Owners of their own businesses. I got to know entrepreneurs really well. Understanding and addressing their unique needs. To the point where they kept asking how I got inside their head. What started out as marketing services grew into management and the very early stages of business transition coaching.

I transitioned SOHO Marketing Inc. to Warren Business Development Inc. (WarrenBDC) to begin providing more specific transition services for Owners who were thinking about transition or may actually be on the business selling path. This included providing services to help Owners prepare their company and themselves for a successful sale of the business.

WarrenBDC has evolved and grown into a Business Selling service. We are a boutique M&A firm bringing Buyers and Sellers together and facilitating a successful sale and transition of Small and Medium-sized Businesses.

I've worked with and provided business selling insights to thousands of Small and Medium-sized Business Owners over the years. It has been my pleasure and privilege to provide this information as a management consultant, coach, speaker, the author of 4 books, interviewed on tv and radio, a columnist and the creator of hundreds of articles and posts, seen in national newspapers, magazines, online and read regularly via my weekly emails.

In a desire to get more information out to more Owners I have created this online program. Sell Your Business 4 More was developed to aid Owners in doing just that. Sell for more and faster.

Eric Gilboord


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