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A Step By Step Approach to Sell Your Business 4 More

Learn how to prepare the Owner and the Company properly and increase the value of your business before selling. Unlock hidden value and boost your business sale with our expert guidance.

Language: English
Instructors: Eric Gilboord

Our Modules

This Self-paced Program Includes 4 Comprehensive Modules:

Module 1 - Selling Overview

9 lessons, 55 minutes total

This module provides an overview of business selling.

1.1  High-Level Insights into Selling Your Business … (23 Min.)
1.2  Timeline of Events for Selling Your Business … (8 Min.)
1.3  7 Common Business Selling Mistakes … (4 Min.)
1.4  Four Thoughts for Boomer-Aged Business Owners … (3 Min.)
1.5  Laying Some Groundwork … (8 Min.)
1.6  Key Questions You Need to Be Answered … (1 Min.)
1.7  Let’s Get Started … (3 Min.)
1.8  Current State of the Business Buying and Selling World … (5 Min.)
1.9  Bonus: Get an Early Take On the Valuation of Your Business

Module 2. The Seller

16 lessons, 55 minutes total.

This module focuses on the role of the Owner/Seller in the selling process.

2.1 Leave A Legacy You’ll Be Proud of … (7 Min.)
2.2 I Just Deleted Someone from My Database … (2 Min.)
2.3 You may already be in change mode… (3 Min.)
2.4 Are You Ready to Sell? … (5 Min.)
2.5 Should I Consider Selling to My Children? … (2 Min.)
2.6 Here’s What Can Get in The Way of Selling Your Business … (5 Min.)
2.7 Work-Life Balance … (5 Min.)
2.8 Let’s Talk About Procrastination … (2 Min.)
2.9 Ignorance Is Not Bliss, Living Your Dream Is … (2 Min.
2.10 You Have A $ Number You Need to Sell for … (3 Min.)
2.11 You’re Ready When You’re Ready … (3 Min.)
2.12 A Good Marriage Can Make You a Better Seller … (4 Min.)
2.13 Are You ‘Running On Empty’? … (5 Min.)
2.14 10 Common Triggers for Selling a Business … (2 Min.)
2.15 Getting On the Same Page as Your Spouse … (4 Min.)
2.16 How to Assemble Your Personal Transition Team … (1 Min)

Module 3. The Company

21 lessons, 88 minutes total.

This module focuses on preparing the business for sale while maximizing its market value.

3.1     What Many Business Owners Want Is … The Trifecta of Transition… (2 Min.)
3.2     20 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting the Selling Process …  (6 Min.)
3.3     Which Is Right for You? Asset Sale Vs Share Sale … (7 Min.)
3.4     Share Sale Loi – Sample Letter of Intent … (2 Min.)
3.5     Asset Sale Loi – Sample Letter of Intent … (2 Min.)
3.6     Get On the Same Page as Your Partner(S) … (5 Min.)
3.7     What Sellers Are Thinking Vs Buyers – A Reality Check … (3 Min.)
3.8     Consider Buying Your Competitors to Grow … (3 Min.)
3.9     When You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know … (4 Min.)
3.10   Are You a Peaceful Seller or Selling Under Pressure? … (10 Min.)
3.11   Are You ‘Running Out of Runway’? … (5 Min.)
3.12   Thank You for Making Money … (2 Min.)
3.13   Key Questions You Should Ask Yourself … (2 Min
3.14   It’s Not Ok to Wait Any Longer – A Reminder … (3 Min.)
3.15   Determining Your Best Before Date for Selling … (2 Min.)
3.16   How to Run and Sell Your Business … (5 Min.)
3.17   How to Know When It’s Time to Sell … (3 Min.)
3.18   Seven Main Types of Buyers … (10 Min.)
3.19   Understanding What Buyers Want … (5 Min.)
3.20   Challenges Buyers Face with Sellers … (4 Min.)
3.21   Choosing What to Do After Selling Your Business … (3 Min.)

Module 4. The Selling Process

23 lessons, 98 minutes total.

This module covers the step-by-step process of selling a business, maximizing company value, improving productivity.

4.1     Assembling Your Business Transition Team … (2 Min.).
 4.2    The Role of the Intermediary … (5 Min.).
 4.3    What to Look for in an Intermediary … (2 Min.).
 4.4    Teaser and CIM – Confidential Information Memorandum … (7 Min.).
 4.5    The Business of Valuation … (3 Min.).
 4.6    The Role of a Business Valuation Advisor … (2 Min.).
 4.7    M&A Due Diligence Checklist … (14 Min.).
 4.8    How and Why Increase Your Company Value … (4 Min.).
 4.9    8 Key Questions Owners Should Ask Employees … (2 Min.).
 4.10   Revisit The Back Burner … (3 Min.).
 4.11    How to Be Irrelevant to a Company & Make It More Valuable … (5 Min.)
 4.12   The Elephant in The ‘Family Business’ Boardroom … (3 Min.).
 4.13   Maximizing Output, Easing Burden, and Achieving Balance … (5 Min.).
 4.14   Working with Your Business Selling Team Successfully … (5 Min.).
 4.15   Culling Problem Employees Before Going to Market … (2 Min.).
 4.16   Work Less and Accomplish More … (2 Min.).
 4.17   Change Yourself, Change The Business … (2 Min.).
 4.18   Jumping On Hidden Opportunity … (2  Min.)
 4.19   Bonus Template for A Sales and Sales Management Plan… (8 Min.).
 4.20  Bonus Marketing Plan Frame (To Be Done with Your Team) … (11 Min.).
 4.21   Integrated Sales and Marketing Activity Plan … (1 Min.).
 4.22  Share Your Profits, Knowledge, And Experience … (3 Min.).
 4.23  Review Tips for Creating Options & Making Sure You Sell Well … (5  Min).

If you have questions, we have easy-to-learn lessons with the answers. All are delivered quickly in both text and audio format. We'll guide you through the preparation and selling process. So you can Sell Your Business 4 More, much more.

Meet Our Business Sales Pro:

A Sale Advisor, Four-Time Author, Speaker, And Lead Coach At WarrenBDC

He is dedicated to providing Small and Medium-sized Business Owners with expert guidance and support throughout the business selling process. With his years of experience, he has helped countless first-time business sellers prepare and successfully sell their company faster and for more.

Eric’s latest book, ‘Moving Forward’, is a comprehensive guide to help business owners navigate thepreparation and selling process successfully. He is also a sought-after speaker who regularly addresses groups of small and medium-sized business owners on growing and preparing their businesses for sale andselling successfully for more.

Eric Gilboord


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Moving Forward and Just Tell Me More are available on Amazon.

There Are 2 Key Reasons Owners Come To Eric Gilboord

  • Get Ready

Selling your business is a huge endeavour and many business owners only do it once. Typically SMB owners lack the experience and the team necessary to prepare themselves & the business for sale.

  • Sell For More

With you and the company ready, the real work begins. We find potential Buyers, qualify them and negotiate a sale. The goal is to sell for more than your thought was possible and faster.

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Bonus Online Lunch and Learn

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Plus One Hour Private Call with Eric Gilboord

$497 Yearly Membership

Thinking about selling the company? Concerned about what happens next? There's lots to consider when selling your company. Especially if you're a first time Seller. Starting with finding the best resources and information to help you. This is likely the biggest or most important sale you will ever have to make. You have one chance to get it right. It's never too early to start.

Serious About Selling Your Business?

This Is Likely The Most important sale any Business Owner Will make.


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